The motor industry of Russia is on the fast track now. For today Russia ranks second in Europe after Germany in the overall production of cars. Against the backdrop of automobile crisis in Europe, Russia pretends to have the lead by 2014-2015.

All the largest carmakers are presented in Russia:

  • FORD (3 works)
  • PSA
  • RENAULT (3 works)
  • VW (2 works)
  • GM
  • FIAT

In 2011 there was signed an agreement between the Government of Russia and foreign manufacturers under which the carmakers received tax advantages, provided that in turn they were obliged to make a minimum of 300 000 cars per year, and to invest in manufacture. As a consequence - incorporation of Russian and foreign companies in joint ventures, for example, RENAULT and AVTOVAZ, VW and GAZ.

Besides there were more than 400 manufacturers of auto parts in Russia by the beginning of 2013; among them about 50 foreign producers, such as MAGNA, VISTEON, BOSCH, MAGNETTI MARELLI, FAURECIA, JONSON CONTROL, LEAR Corp., VALEO, DELPHI and others. By the end of 2011, 204 foreign producers signed the Memorandum of Intents to create manufacture in Russia. Special areas - clusters have been created for this purpose: in the vicinity of St.-Petersburg, Kaluga, Tolyatti, in Nizhniy Novgorod and in Tatarstan.

Furthermore the giants of the Russian motor industry such as AUTOVAZ, GAS, KAMAZ have received governmental support and fiscal loosening under the government scrappage scheme. The said reforms have caused huge demand for auto components and various types of equipment for motor industry.

  Clients of the “IMPULS NDT” Company are:

  • Carmakers (OEM);
  • Manufacturers of auto components in Russia of the 1, 2 and 3 levels;
  • Distributors for the secondhand market (AFTERMARKET).


 Key figures:

1. Population: 143 mln people

2. 244 cars/1000 persons (in USA  850 cars/1000 persons)

3. 9 international automakers (FORD – 3 works, RENAULT – 3 works, PSA, VW – 2 works, TOYOTA, HUYNDAI, FIAT, NISSAN, GM)

4. 400 auto  parts suppliers  (like Magna, Bosch, Delphi, Lear Corp., Faurecia, Valeo …)

5. Production: 2 130 000 cars in 2012

6. Growth of production: 92,7 %/year

7. Russian market N 1 for car sales in Europe

8. Russia – in 2012 the member of WTO (World Trade Organisation) – 14 december 2012 the repeal of the  Jackson – Vanik amendment